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Boiler Replacement in Hull - Yorkshire

Updated: Apr 25

So you need a new boiler, here is our expert guide on how to get the best installation.

Getting a new boiler is often a big purchase for homeowners, often unexpected and at the most inconvenient time. When the boiler needs replacing it's often a rush to get things sorted.

Our guide is designed to take you through the common questions and factors effecting the installation cost and end result. We guide you through the cost of replacing a boiler in Yorkshire in 2024 and what new technology provides in terms of energy efficiency. This guide will help you make a more informed decision.

What affects the cost of replacing your boiler in Yorkshire:

  1. The type of system you have - There are a range of systems available: Combi, System & Regular. Combi boilers offer a simpler installation but sometimes are unsuitable for the type of property you have. System and Regular boilers are designed for properties which are larger or require more specific provision for hot water and heating.

  2. Installation type - Depending on the type of system you have and the type of system you wish to opt for, it can effect the price going from a 'regular' boiler to a 'combi' and vice aversa. Changing between types of system can also increase installation time.

  3. The size of your home and it's thermal efficiency - If your home is larger, or is inefficient you may need a higher output of boiler. Generally the average regular boiler is around 18 Kilowatts in output, however larger properties may require a 40 or 50 Kilowatt boiler to heat effectively.

  4. Accessories - To facilitate efficient installation and running of your new system, a range of accessories may be recommended or required to allow the system to work in the most cost effective way. New thermostats, filters and valves may be needed.

  5. System History - Your current system may not have been flushed recently or the chemical inhibitor levels maintained. Systems which have been left without maintenance for years often require other remedial work to get them working as efficiently as possible.


What is the cost of replacing a boiler:

What's the approximate cost of replacing a boiler in Yorkshire?

Type of system

Approximate price range

Combination Boiler (Combi)






Figures are indicative and can vary based on individual circumstances, but they provide a general overview of what you might expect in terms of costs.

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