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Air source heat pumps

We install & service the latest, eco friendly renewable heating technology.

Over the years we've seen massive improvements in technology, whether it be the introduction of more efficient units or better user controls.

We're also lucky to be part of the green heating revolution taking place in the UK. The government & public are keener than ever to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes with bigger incentives and more stringent legislation now coming into action. 

Due to these recent government incentives we are able to apply for up to £7500 funding to go towards the cost of air source heat pump installation. 

We have solutions for the majority of properties even if they are older in construction or are currently heated by oil, LPG or electric.

What system for me?

Air to Water Heat Pump

Air source systems take heat from the air and transfer this heat energy to water in the pipework in your home. There are different types of air to water systems which have various advantages dependant on the home they are installed. Generally air to water systems work best when they run at a lower temperature compared to a traditional gas, oil, LPG or electric heating system.

Hybrid System

Hybrid systems bring the best of air source and traditional heating systems together. When a hybrid system is designed it can incorporate an air source heat pump and gas or oil boiler into the same heating system. We use smart control systems to let the system know the most efficient way of heating the home. These systems take into account the external temperature, the cost of electricity, gas or oil and then run the heat source most suitable and economical for attaining the desired comfort level inside.

Air to Air Heat Pump

Air to air systems are gaining popularity due to the benefits they offer. Like an air conditioning system, the air to air heat pump can both cool and heat spaces. Systems are generally cheaper to install, have very fast heat up times and achieve excellent efficiency figures.

There are a variety of systems available with different indoor units to suit various scenarios.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source is a less common system in which pipework loops laid in the ground take heat from a source. The source heat is taken from can be the ground, a pond or other water source. These systems are generally priced higher than alternatives but do have the advantage of taking heat from a source that has less seasonal fluctuations. This generally means running costs comparably are lower with a ground source system.

Call us now to book your design & installation consultation where we will discuss the most efficient ways of heating your home.


"Fantastic professional service, serviced my heat pump and set my system for winter, great communication and more importantly stuck to their word. So pleased to have found a proper Heat Pump specialist." darren clewley - october 2023

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