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Why Is Home Cover A Great Idea? - Boiler Cover Yorkshire

Homes are likely the biggest investment we will ever make, so its only sensible to look after this investment. Even the simplest maintenance in your home can be a chore to sort out, a growing shortage of quality tradespeople mean that even finding someone to do your jobs is a nightmare.

Cat sitting on windowsill above old fashioned mcs heating radiator. The windowsill has a succulent plant and ornament placed on it.

Luckily help is available in the form of care plans designed to look after aspects of routine breakdown and failure within your home. MCS are experts in the field and have offered care plans for over 35 years. Triplecare cover, a maintenance agreement which deals with your homes Heating, Plumbing & Electrical systems. If for example your boiler breaks down, one of our engineers visits the property and diagnoses & repairs the fault all free of charge within the price of the care plan which start from £10/month.

It's not just heating we deal with, MCS also repair much of your homes plumbing & electrical systems under the same maintenance agreement. Other examples of breakdowns we cover include failed consumer units, sockets, light fittings, wiring, toilets, taps, radiators, thermostats ... the list really does go on!

Is a care plan worth the money?

The average cost of a boiler repair in 2023 was £240-£500. MCS care plans start from £10/Month which include an annual service. Modern homes have systems which have grown in complication over the 40 years we have been in business. Unfortunately this has meant a rise in potential failure points which could result in an unexpected repair bill.

Care plans give peace of mind, knowing an engineer will be there when you need them most. No need to ring around at 3AM to find an emergency plumber when a pipe bursts and floods a ceiling if you have Triplecare by MCS.

If you're looking for boiler cover in Yorkshire, visit our shop and have a look at what we have to offer.

How much did your last boiler breakdown cost?

  • £0-£100

  • £101-£200

  • £201-£350

  • £351-£500

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